Lazy Mill Living Arts is dedicated to reviving traditional skills of hand and land. Lazy Mill was founded on the belief that with the benefit of simple tools and basic knowledge, we all have the capacity to shape our world as we imagine it.

At Lazy Mill, we teach skills that are at once practical, beautiful, and necessary to the art of providing for one’s self and community. We are motivated by the thought of our students returning to their home towns to disperse these skills like seeds, restoring vibrancy, resiliency, and the unrivaled satisfaction of honest work.

What are these skills? They are as basic as honing a pocket knife or planning a garden, as emotionally and physically challenging as slaughtering and processing a hog, as pleasurable as carving a spoon from a limb of apple wood, as gracefully intricate as weaving a black ash pack basket, and as crucial as making medicine from plants. They are skills that emphasize production over consumption, and that honor the complex web of relationships comprising the natural world and our place within it.